Ordering an OncoK9 Test

Ordering an OncoK9 Test

Ordering an OncoK9 Test

Any user that is verified in the clinic’s PetDx Veterinary Portal can order an OncoK9 test! The easiest way to do so would be to click the pink button on the left labeled ‘New OncoK9 Test’.

Ordering an OncoK9 test for a new patient

  1. Click on the pink ‘New OncoK9 Test’ in the left navigation panel.

  2. You will be prompted with a dropdown to choose between a First Time Patient or a Returning Patient

    1. Select ‘Returning Patient’ only if the patient has previously been tested with OncoK9 otherwise select ‘First Time Patient’.


  1. Provide the owner’s first and last name. This information is used for sample identification purposes and result return. 

  2. In the Patient Details section, enter:

    1. Patient’s Name 

      1. Do not include the owner’s last name in the pet’s name.

    2. Patient’s Age

      1. If the exact age is unknown, adding the estimated age based on the veterinarian’s examination is acceptable. 

      2. The months selection defaults to zero months, but users can opt to provide a closer estimate if known. 

    3. Patient’s Weight

      1. Be sure to select pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg). 

    4. Patient’s Breed Type

      1. Only select ‘Purebred’ for dogs that are of a single breed, otherwise choose ‘Mixed Breed’. Choosing the Mixed Breed option defaults the Secondary Breed to “Mixed”. 

    5. Patient’s Breed(s)

      1. Type to search the patient’s breed(s), or scroll. Note that the Secondary Breed option can be changed from “Mixed”, if the second breed is known. 

      2. In the case of multiple breeds, choose the two most prevalent breeds if known, or leave as “Mixed”.  

  1. Patient’s Sex

  2. Patient’s Spay or Neuter Status

  1. Indicate the age of the dog at time of spay or neuter procedure, if known. 

  2. For female patients, indicate whether the patient had a heat cycle or not, if known. 

  1. Optionally, click the ‘Save as Draft’ button to save this submission form’s information, and come back to it at a later time. 

  1. Click ‘Continue’ to enter the Clinical Details section. 

    1. Note that at this point, the patient’s profile has been created and this allows you to find their profile if they return for an additional visit.

  2. In the Clinical Details section, enter:

    1. Select whether or not this patient has a prior history of cancer. 

      1. Click No if you are unsure of this patient’s cancer history. 

    2. If Yes, you will be prompted with a series of questions relating to the history:

      1. What type of cancer and when was it diagnosed?

      2. Click ‘Add Cancer’ to add a cancer diagnosis to this patient’s history.

      3. Provide the type of cancer. If you cannot locate the cancer type in the dropdown list, you can add custom entries by typing into the field.

      4. Add additional cancer diagnoses by clicking ‘Add Another Cancer’, you can add up to 5 different cancers. 

        1. Note: each cancer added will need the year of diagnosis, and month of diagnosis, if known. 

  1. What type of treatment(s) did the patient receive?

    1. Provide all treatments that the patient received for any previous cancers. Clicking on the will open up a definition of that treatment.

    2. If you cannot locate treatment(s) that this patient received, select Other, specify, and type in the treatment.

  1. Select whether the patient is still receiving any of the above selected treatments. 

  2. Please provide any further treatment information.

    1. Provide any additional information that you believe may be useful with regards to the patient’s treatment.

    2. Examples: Drug or protocol names, dates, and responses.

  1. Choose the patient’s cancer status after completing the most recent treatment.

  2. Indicate whether the attending clinician believes that this patient may or may not have cancer at the moment.

  1. Select all clinical signs that the patient is currently exhibiting.

  1. In the ‘Additional Notes’ text box provide any additional information regarding this patient. It does not have to directly tie to this patient’s clinical details, and serves as a free form text box to share any important information about this patient. 

  2. Click continue to enter the Visit Details section. You may save this form as a draft at this point. 

  3. In the Visit Details section, you must verify that your clinic’s information is displayed correctly. If there is a mistake, contact your account administrator, or contact PetDx Customer Support. You can fill out a ticket, or email help@petdx.com or call 1-833-464-7297.

  4. Select the name of the ordering veterinarian by clicking in the dropdown. 

    1. If you are unable to locate the veterinarian in the dropdown, you can add a veterinarian into your list by typing their full name into the field. Be sure to include their full name. 

      1. Adding their name in this way will not generate login credentials for them, but they will be available in the list for future test submission forms. 

        1. The added team member can be provided with login credentials by having an Admin user edit their account and create a login for them. 

  1. Select the name of the person filling in the form by clicking in the dropdown. 

    1. Note that this dropdown is populated with the names of all team members at the clinic.

    2. Be sure to type the person’s full name if you are adding a member via the dropdown. 

      1. Adding their name in this way will not generate login credentials for them, but they will be available in the list for future test submission forms.

        1. The added team member can be provided with login credentials by having an Admin user edit their account and create a login for them. 

  2. Indicate the date of the blood draw by clicking into the Blood Draw Date field. You will not be able to set a future date.

  3. Indicate the time of blood draw if known and designate whether it is AM or PM using the toggle. If you are unsure of the exact time, please estimate within an hour. 

  4. Click ‘Continue’ to review your form submission. If any piece of information is incorrect, you can click the top right edit icon in each section to jump to that step.

  5. Once the information is reviewed, click ‘Submit’ to complete the form submission.

  6. You will see a success message which provides the next steps as well as the patient’s Requisition ID and the patient’s name.  Label the blood tubes with these details.  

  7. View and print the test submission form by clicking ‘Open PDF’

  8. Print the PDF and package up your samples, then ship them to the PetDx Laboratory.

Returning patients

If you are trying to order an OncoK9 test for a patient that has previously been tested with OncoK9 at your clinic, select the ‘Returning Patient’ option. You will be brought to a patient search tab, where you can search the patient by their name, their owner, their breed, and more.

Because this is a returning patient, the signalment as well as owner information will be saved. The following are the steps to submitting a Returning Patient OncoK9 test:

  1. Please verify that the patient’s signalment is up to date and update it as necessary. 

  2. Continue on to the Clinical Details section. 

    1. In this section, be sure to add any new diagnoses that have arisen since the prior submission, if applicable, and indicate whether the clinician suspects cancer in this patient at the time. 

    2. Select any clinical signs the patient is currently exhibiting. 

  3. Proceed on to the Visit Details section.

    1. Choose the clinician, the form completer, and the date of the blood draw. Indicate the blood draw time, however, if you are unsure of the exact time, please estimate within an hour. 

  4. Go through the summary as usual, and after checking for errors submit the form. Be sure to label both blood collection tubes with the patient’s name, and the Requisition ID. 

Alternatively, you can order a new OncoK9 test for a returning patient from their patient profile in the
Patient List section. This will pre-select the patient, and you will be able to quickly get through each section of the ordering process as outlined above. Be sure to update the patient’s signalment, if needed, and provide the most up to date clinical signs, along with the visit information. Go through the summary as normal, and submit the form.

In both methods for ordering a returning patient’s OncoK9 test, be sure to label the blood tubes with the patient’s name, and the Requisition ID, before submitting the sample with the test submission form. 

Managing your OncoK9 Tests

Once a team member has successfully submitted an OncoK9 test on the Veterinary Portal, all members of that clinic will be able to manage that submission in the All Tests & Results section

Here, you will be able to view a list of all OncoK9 test submissions at your clinic. Searching your OncoK9 test submissions is easy. The following categories can be sorted in ascending or descending order: patient name, ordered by, completed by, form submitted, and test status. 

The provided table will display key pieces of information and can be sorted by clicking on the column headers to help you quickly find the information you are looking for. 

Column Header
Sort By
Patient Name
A-Z or Z-A
The dog’s full name.
Requisition ID
Not Sortable
The unique identifier from PetDx for each OncoK9 test. This is auto-generated after successfully submitting an OncoK9 test on the Veterinary Portal.
Ordered By
A-Z or Z-A
The veterinarian who ordered this OncoK9 test.
Completed By
A-Z or Z-A
The team member who filled out the test submission form for this OncoK9 test.
Form Submitted
Newest or Oldest
The date that this OncoK9 test was submitted to the PetDx Veterinary Portal.
Test Status
Can sort by specific statuses by clicking on the column, or by the larger tabs at the top of the table.
The current status of this OncoK9 test. Learn more about our test statuses below.
Another feature is the ability to search all of your OncoK9 test submissions by using the search bar. You can search this table by a patient’s name, a particular Requisition ID, an ordering veterinarian, or a form completer. You can also apply a specific filter to your search by clicking on the drop down menu.

PetDx Sample Statuses

Each OncoK9 test submission goes through a series of Test Statuses from its creation, through result return. The following test statuses help outline a test’s journey. 

  • : This test submission form has not yet been submitted. Please complete the form and submit it, or delete it if it is no longer relevant.

  • :  A test submission form was completed and submitted but the sample has not yet arrived at our laboratory.  Please refer to Fedex by calling 1-800-463-3339 or visit fedex.com for tracking or delivery updates.

  • : Our laboratory has received this patient’s sample and is now preparing to begin processing.

  • :  We are currently processing this patient’s OncoK9 test.

  • : This patient’s OncoK9 Test Report is now ready to view. There is an option to print it upon viewing. You can also opt to download the file or save it locally from your browser or PDF viewer. 

  • : There has been an issue with this patient’s sample and our laboratory team is unable to process it. You will receive a failure notification email which will explain why the sample failed and how to resolve the failure.

  • A member of your hospital team has resolved the sample failure and submitted a redraw for this patient. You may view the updated test form submission on the Vet Portal.

  • : This test was cancelled upon request of the clinic. 

The four tabs at the top of the table provide a quick way to sort by statuses.

  • All: All test statuses, including reports, failures, and more. 

  • Processing: Includes the following statuses - Awaiting Sample, Sample Received, and Processing Sample. Failed samples will also appear here, with a notification. 

  • Report Available: All OncoK9 tests that have a viewable report. 

  • Unsubmitted Drafts: Any OncoK9 test submission form that was saved as a draft. These forms will have the Form Incomplete status. A notification icon will appear if this tab has any Unsubmitted Drafts in it. 

Sample Failure

In some cases, PetDx may be unable to process the submitted sample. When that happens, all members of the clinic will receive an email alert pertaining to this failure. You will also be able to see a ‘Sample Failed’ status appear in red for that entry in the Veterinary Portal.

This email will provide you with the following pieces of information:

  • The ordering clinician for this patient

  • The patient’s full name

  • The reason for failure 

  • Steps to take to resolve the failure

How to Resolve
  1. Notify the pet owner about the sample failure.

  2. Obtain a new sample of blood from the patient.

  3. Log in to your Veterinary Portal and locate the failed entry in the All Tests & Results section.

  4. Select the patient’s failed test, and click on ‘Resolve Failure’.

      5. Fill out and submit the test submission form as normal. Update any clinical signs, and be sure to verify the Visit Details section for the new sample.

      6. Properly package and ship the new blood sample to the PetDx Laboratory.
      7. The original test will revert to a ‘Failure Resolved’ status, and the new test will be tracked through the Veterinary Portal as normal.

Note: A patient’s first failed test is not billed on your clinic’s invoice for the specific time period. A free retest is offered for samples that failed. If you wish to not resubmit a new sample for processing, contact PetDx Customer Support at either help@petdx.com, filling a ticket at support.petdx.com, or calling 1-833-464-7297, and we can help you resolve this failure. 

Viewing results

There are two ways to view a patient’s results.

  1. When a result becomes available, all members of the clinic that signed up for Portal alerts will receive an email. The patient’s report is attached to the email. 

  2. The report will also be available under the ‘Report Available’ tab on the homepage. 

    1. To view it from this screen, click the tab to filter your clinic’s tests by the ones that are available, and click on the patient’s result you wish to view. 

    2. You can either hover over the pink ‘Report Available’ button under the Status column, or click the ‘View Report’ button that appears. You will be taken to a PDF of the report, where you can see the patient’s result. 

Contact PetDx if there’s a mistake in the patient’s details, or if you have any questions about the result. You can contact PetDx Customer Support at either
help@petdx.com, filling a ticket at support.petdx.com, or calling 1-833-464-7297

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